Ep48 Towers Penthouse Suite #3, In All Interiors! – Let's Play GTA 5 PC Online 1080p HD Eclipse

Published on November 2, 2021

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Ep.48 The Eclipse Towers Penthouse Suite #3, Shown In All Styles & Interiors!

Hello My Awesome Viewers! 🙂

We are moving on up in the GTA Online world now! Today we buy the Eclipse Towers Penthouse Suite #3, which is currently the most expensive live-in real estate property in the game, and its the only ones you can somewhat customize to your liking! We manage to buy the place while it was still on sale with Rockstar!

After we have a look online on the in-game website and purchase the property we go inside for the first time so we can all have a look at all the different interior styles you can pick and decide from for yourselves. It is a handy feature that you can see all the different interior styles from the interaction menu without having to purchase them and change your mind again.

I hope Rockstar Games comes out with more properties that can also be customized, …like mansions perhaps? 😉

Thanks again to you all, my odd socks out there, my wonderful “pile of odds”!
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Ep48 Towers Penthouse Suite #3, In All Interiors! - Let's Play GTA 5 PC Online 1080p HD Eclipse

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