We Stayed at THE MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel in The Caribbean

Published on June 5, 2023

Find More info About Discovering The Cults Hotel In Aberdeen, Scotland, and Deluxe Suites Prices, We Stayed at THE MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel in The Caribbean.

INSIDE a $30,000 Trip Caribbean Luxury HOTEL Room! In this video we got the rare opportunity to spend 24 hours in one of the most expensive luxury hotel rooms in the World at Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia. We tour this one of a kind hotel room suite which Celebrities and Millionaires vacation at.

This hotel will blow your mind. Known as one of the best hotels in the World from the hotel room to the 5-star luxury experiences to bucket list travel experiences this hotel was absolute paradise. To fully compare these past unique hotel experiences I also did a full tour of the hotel. Enjoy this billionaire for a week hotel tour of a video!

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0:00 – Intro
0:48 – Arrival in St. Lucia
2:12 – Hotel Room Tour
4:39 – Dinner in Hotel Room
6:21 – Milky Way Galaxy
6:49 – Morning in the hotel
9:46 – Chocolate Factory
10:42 – Beach
11:25 – Sailing
13:03 – Hanna’s Birthday Dinner
16:01 – Surprise in room

Filmed, Edited and Produced By EBC PRODUCTIONS LLC, 2020
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This celebration honors the musical skills and accomplishments of the classic music in the city. One can view a stretch of Sahyadri range from the Marjorie Point. It went under a lot of improvements already.

We Stayed at THE MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel in The Caribbean

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Numerous of the prominent beachfront hotels in Maui, like their Honolulu counterparts, are exactly that– huge. Loud pools, crowded elevators, and hordes of travelers. This may sound like paradise to college-aged travelers on spring break, however for those people looking for a more reclusive and tranquil Hawaiian experience, there’s a much better alternative. Couples around the world have actually found a peaceful option to the dynamic beachfront: Hotel Wailea, Maui’s only luxury shop hotel.

The Presidential Suite, the Raj Palace Hotel. In Jaipur, India, a suite in the Raj Palace Hotel costs about $45,000 a night. It is one of the biggest Deluxe Suites in Asia, with almost 1,500 square meters of area. Formerly Maharaja’s house, it has a lavishly decorated 4-floor apartment, private roofing system terrace, swimming pool, and scenic view of Jaipur.

The resort is rather little however comfortable and with a laidback feel. They have great deals of location attractions away from the noisy crowds. The hotel uses studios and really spacious suites. These are equipped with calm colors, fireplace and Jacuzzi tubs. This can offer the visitors one unwinding place to stay in. They likewise have what they call the VIP Penthouse Suites. This is a celebrity style suite that a person can get.

The hotel is situated on the outskirts of Delhi and the top floorings offer amazing views of the city. It is only 40 minute drive away from the airport and has city center in its close proximity.

The hotel has more than 150 rooms and 45 suites all completely provided and equipped with modern-day facilities. The 2100 square feet Royal Imperial Suite has been acknowledged as best Hotel Suites by top travel magazines and sites.

In the morning you desire some coffee, Danish, and fruit. In the afternoon, you ‘d like sandwiches and cold drinks. And perhaps some mid-afternoon munchies as a pick-me-up.

We ended up the visiting at half past 5 in the afternoon. Prior to dinning, there was a disembarkation instruction. And after that, Captain held a farewell banquet. After diner, we settled the bills on reception deck 2. About 10pm, the ship through the ship-locks of 3 Gorges dam.

There are 119 basic spaces, 81 one bed room suites and 4 2 bed room suites. The Utter Inn is yet another of Mikael Genberg’s productions in his unique design. For reservations, you can call them at 1-800-883-3201.

The staffs are polite and well mannered and accommodate the needs of their guests. Before dinning, there was a disembarkation instruction. Or perhaps a bigger space that accommodates 50 to 60 individuals sitting auditorium-style?

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We Stayed at THE MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel in The Caribbean
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